Private Equity

Growth companies with potential to develop its business through expansion and revenue

The combination of our experience and international outlook gives us insights and capabilities to help ambitious businesses that are eager for development and expansion. Our strategic plans and strategies and involving sector expertise help us to unlock potential opportunities that supports growth.

We possess exceptional insights, and this is further strengthened by sector intelligence from our network of firms we have strong relationship with. We work closely with across wide range of investment firms on market transactions or transactions requiring capital raising. The connections, network and relationships with diverse institutions and professionals represents foundation for our investment source and practice.

Achieving the best results for our clients: We use our independent position and deep market knowledge to advice our clients on all possible options at the earliest stage, on market performance, timing, business structure and corporate governance matters. We then provide guidance throughout the equity process, creating competitive situation between the bookrunning banks to obtain best terms of execution.

We assist clients across spectrum of equity markets.

Crafting the equity story
Market positioning
Private equity investments
Initial Public Offerings
Share issues and Placing
Global Depositary Receipts

We advise corporates and family owned companies on raising capital from long-term investors, strategic result-oriented investor perceptions and corporate shareholder solutions.

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