Who We Are

Hayat Capital was established in 2011 in London as a niche financial services firm, offering UK investment opportunities to international clients. Today, through our operations from the United Kingdom and our partnership office Haban & Hayat, Sultanate of Oman, we offer full-fledged corporate finance and investment services for our global clients.

Having our UK office at the centre of London’s financial markets, we have access to an extensive global network of reputed financial and non-financial institutions and professionals. We offer our clients the best solutions through our in-depth market intelligence and execution strategies.

Our business growth has shown performance in offering diverse financial solutions in the UK and international to corporates, family offices, private clients and governments.

In 2018, Hayat Capital entered into a Memorandum of Understanding as Corporate finance advisor for the Muscat Securities Market, with a commitment to develop capital markets in the Sultanate of Oman. With our strong presence in Muscat, we have ready access to the emerging GCC market and are able to deliver complete corporate finance and investment solutions to our clients.

We have the resource to make strategic investments in UK companies showing good growth potential and sound corporate governance, with a view to joining the public market in London in the short term.

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