Strategic Advisory

Providing solutions for our clients in conventional and unconventional situations requiring analytical, industrial and structuring expertise.

Corporate restructure:

We support businesses experiencing financial and structural challenges. Our in-house capabilities and with unparalleled expertise access, we offer hands-on support to the management to lead and guide them through a successful restructure in terms of turn around and organisational changes. We aim to achieve stability, recapitalisation, providing visibility and accelerating change that help our clients to take it further down the line.

  • Organisation restructure
  • Performance improvement
  • Business and management support
  • Recapitalisations

We work closely with the management to address significant underperforming businesses like margin erosion, liquidity constraints, disruption to operations or failure to meet investment plan and projections. Our strategy of involving senior sector experts as part of the management and operations will provide necessary improvements to deliver rapid and tangible results.


We offer a broad and comprehensive suite of services to help assess whether the business proposition is right and viable for the transaction, whether it’s an M&A or a GDR listing

  • Prepare and review business strategies and plans
  • Corporate Validations
  • Identify key risks and mitigation solutions
  • Analyse and asses returns and assumptions
  • Management support

Our clients can experience an integrated service tailored to the needs and circumstances.

Our core offering can bring together all business and financial recommendations to create a plan that helps to make the decisions important to you. We work together, along with our bespoke team of expertise to carefully craft and create strategies in a timely manner to accomplish the goals. Our international reach and network can help support cross border services that provide further options to find solutions that suit best for the transaction. It’s the power of our services working in harmony that achieves the best results.

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